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Liverpool Love the Yaya/Kolo Chant

Not Much to Sing About… Liverpool players were in a jovial spirit at their end of season party, despite the news that Raheem Sterling is seeking new pastures and their

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Another One Bites the Dust

The ‘Other Hoff’ on the Floor It’s not uncommon for footballer players to be sent off. Many have bad temperaments that get them into trouble, whereas others flare up after they

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When a £500K Bonus Makes You Cry

Advoacaat Fights the Tears Sunderland have stayed up and you’ve just got half a million quid. Cheer up mate.

Banter football Videos & Highlights

Fabregas Sees Red

Cesc Fabregas won’t be making any more appearances for Chelsea this season after he was sent off for pinging a ball at Chris Brunt’s head. Nobody knows if he really

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Yannick Bolasie……Like a Boss

How to deal with foreign objects being thrown by fans? Pirouette back heels.

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Ronaldinho’s Diving Needs Some Work

And the Oscar goes to….. Ronaldinho was in action for Querétaro F.C, a far cry from when he was one of the worlds best but the man still has some skills.

Banter Videos & Highlights

Bournemouth are in the Premier League…probably.

FC Bournemouth pretty much guaranteed promotion to the Premier League last night against Bolton with a 3-0 win. They would have to lose by 19 goals at Charlton this weekend

Banter Videos & Highlights

Behind the Scenes at Mayweather’s Gym

Mayweather isn’t unbeaten for no reason. Years of hard training and a tough mentality have helped get him to where he is today. At Mayweather’s boxing gym, aspiring stars are

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Throwback Thursday – Kammy

Chris Kamara, probably one of the funniest football commentators ever. It’s a shame they can’t clone him and get him on BT Sport to replace the dour Michael Owen, but