Boxing Preview – Roman Gonzalez vs Brian Viloria

Boxing Preview – Roman Gonzalez vs Brian Viloria

Boxing Preview –¬†Roman Gonzalez vs Brian Viloria

After a really strong showing from the bouts on Friday night, the trend continues on Saturday evening. The Big Apple hosts another night of fights, only this time, it’s in the most famous arena in the world. Madison Square Garden once against hosts World Championship Boxing and the two main events boast strong star power. The first main event bout sees the WBC World Flyweight on the line in an explosive bout. ‘Chocolatito’ Roman Gonzalez faces off against ‘Hawaiian Punch’ Brian Viloria.

Despite Gonzalez being one of the hardest hitters at his weight, we think Viloria can hold out and take the fight past the 7th round. We are backing over 7.5 rounds with 888 Sport at 4/5 odds. Click here or the banner below to Treble the Odds on your first bet.

Roman Gonzalez’ quiet ascension to being the #1 P4P Boxer on the planet was truly brilliant. Since Floyd Mayweather retired, Gonzalez took the crown. He only garnered some recognition after his first ever televised fight in America and Europe in May 2015 when he impressively stopped Edgar Sosa in two rounds. His resume has seen him obliterate some of the better flyweights in the planet, mainly in Nicaragua, Mexico and Japan, carving a record of 42-0 with 36 stoppages before then stopping Sosa. Prior to that, Gonzalez stopped Rocky Fuentes in the sixth round in November 2014. He then stopped Valentin Leon in three rounds in February 2015.

Roman Gonzalez is one of the most well-rounded Boxers on the planet. He has incredible power in both hands, he fires off his punches swiftly and explosively, his footwork is maybe the best in the world, he’s an offensive powerhouse. With that being said, his head movement and pocket fighting makes him touch to impose offence on. It’s incredibly hard to weigh in on his weaknesses, he hasn’t displayed anything yet, but we’re still yet to see how well Gonzalez deals with international exposure.


The Hawaiian, Brian Viloria, might be a part of a small crop of people in the world right now who have the potential to dethrone the Chocolatito train. His experience will be pivotal as Viloria has been a world champion several times since 2004, he was a World Champion at the tender age of 23. He’s been on a tear in his last three fights, stopping Jose Zuniga in the fifth round in July 2014. He then stopped Armando Vazquez in the fourth round in December 2014, before more recently taking only two minutes in stopping Omar Soto in July 2015. His record stands at 36 wins, 22 stoppages and 4 losses.

Viloria may have the style to trouble Gonzalez as he also fights in the pocket but he also has good power on his side. He has the benefit of being versatile as well, being great at long range, which he controls well along with the pace with his jab. He can plant a great uppercut off his jab. His experience is also crucial. He has however had a long career which has seen him in plenty of wars, and he has shown signs of decline since 2013 against younger opposition.

This is a great fight for the casual fans because lighter weight bouts are really boasting some explosive bouts these days. This is especially true in the case of these two Boxers who have displayed great fight finish potential. I think this fight will be great for any viewer. Viloria has an edge early on unlike most Gonzalez opponents as he generally managed to impose his will early on. I think there’s a small window at the start of the fight where he shock the world and get an early stoppage. However I think the chances of this are small as there’s a reason Gonzalez is the best in the world. His youth but talent just make him awfully hard to pick against. I truly believe this will be a fight of the year candidate, but half way through is when Gonzalez really gets a firm grasp, managing to floor Viloria several times before the ref steps in with the stoppage in the latter rounds of the fight. If you’ve never seen Gonzalez fight before, you’re really in for a treat. Roman Gonzalez by late round stoppage.

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