Boxing Preview – Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Andre Berto

Boxing Preview – Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Andre Berto

Boxing Preview – Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Andre Berto

Finally, the main event in Vegas sees Floyd Mayweather Jr fight his second bout of the year. It’s a bit more speculative this time as it will apparently be the final time he fights, seeing out the last fight of his six-bout contract with Showtime. As always, the glitz and glamour of the event has been built up, and it will be Andre Berto who is the unlikely underdog who won the Mayweather Lottery. On the line will be the WBC World welterweight title and WBA Super World welterweight title.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr has been quite vocal about his claims of being the best Boxer of all-time in recent times. Whilst many disagree with him, what is undoubtable is that he has forged himself as the best Boxer of this generation. That was fortified after comfortably beating long-time rival Manny Pacquiao in the super fight in May 2015. Despite the clueless anti-Mayweather crowd still citing that he lost, it was obvious to any impartial person that Floyd easily won. Prior to that, he had two dates with Marcos Rene Maidana in May and September 2014 where he won pretty comfortably by decision. This has taken his unbeaten record to 48 wins and 26 stoppages.

Mayweather has forged a career exemplifying the definition of Boxer. That being the art of hit and don’t get hit. His father instilled this ideal into him from a young age and he strayed away from it between 2010 – 2012 following an argument with his father. This saw him roll with his more offensive-minded uncle as his trainer. Returning back to his dad saw this incredibly stylish method return against the unfortunate opponent, Robert Guerrero. Whilst some find it boring, I think it’s simply magical watching Floyd pull the strings because of how elusive he is. He wins his rounds by avoiding these punches fluently and then launching fast count flurries which just take his opponents aback. His Boxing IQ is simply unparalleled and how he executes it is even better. He is getting older which has led him to be less crisp, but that’s not been much of a problem because he’s still not getting hit enough to be troubled.

When the news broke that Mayweather’s final opponent would be Andre Berto, some people said “who?”, others said “what the hell?”, but whatever was said, you cannot discount how highly touted Berto was on his rise to this bout, being compared to the man he faces tonight on many occasions. The Berto train derailed when in July 2013, he was about to beat Jesus Soto Karass before being stopped in the twelfth round following a tantalising body shot. He’s now riding one two wins, beating Steve Upsher Chambers by decision in September 2014, and then stopping Josesito Lopez in the sixth round in March 2015. This took his record to 30 wins, 23 stoppages and 3 losses. His other two losses came to Victor Ortiz before Ortiz lost to  Mayweather, and Robert Guerrero after Guerrero lost to  Mayweather. He put up a solid match-up in both bouts.


One noticeable thing about Berto is that his conditioning has always been absolutely fantastic. That’s especially the case in this bout, he looks in really good ring shape. He’s also got youth on his side which is surely needed as Mayweather loses his edge. Berto has a fair amount of power, more so than Mayweather. He spends this power in his uppercuts. Despite his fall, Virgil Hunter is his trainer now who has made a name coming and picking up fighters on a bad run, and so far, he has impressed against Josesito Lopez. Whilst Berto is physically solid, his mental state is worrying. Not just his Boxing IQ but also his mental strength. In a fight against Floyd Mayweather, a fight which is mentally tarnishing, it’ll be interesting to see how Berto can counter the great intelligence and mental game that Floyd will offer, because mostly everyone just gets frustrated and makes mistakes.

Any who knows me knows that I’m a big fan of Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather gets a lot of bad press regarding his personal life, history of beating women, the way he fights and anything the public can latch on to. I see past all that and as a student of the game, watching Mayweather operate to me is very special and unique. If this is his last fight, there will be no one in the sport for a while who operates as beautifully as he does, and that is a shame.

I’ve been writing about Floyd since the Robert Guerrero fight, and since then, I’ve always picked Mayweather by decision. Despite the casuals who will say this person has something different to offer and he will beat Floyd, and just people giving opinions who are clouded by hate, I’ve seen through it because I know Floyd is the best in this generation and there is no one on this planet who can beat him. It remains the same tonight. Berto will try and force the fight early on, which may see him get Floyd against the ropes where Floyd is most vulnerable. I see Berto picking up two or three rounds for sure, but after that early period, that’s when Floyd pulls the strings and teases Berto into a false sense of hope, easily avoiding and dodging Berto’s attack to come back and gleefully counter punch his way to another dominant decision victory, tying his record with that of the late, great Rocky Marciano. If this is Floyd’s last outing in a Boxing ring, make sure to savour it, because there won’t be anyone like him for a while.

Dan Glozier.


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