Boxing Preview- Danny Garcia vs Paulie Malignaggi

Boxing Preview- Danny Garcia vs Paulie Malignaggi

Boxing Preview- Danny Garcia vs Paulie Malignaggi

The main event in Brooklyn sees the partially crowned ‘King of Brooklyn’, Paulie ‘Magic Man’ Malignaggi, make his much awaited and debated return to the ring. He will be taking on the ever controversial Danny Garcia in Garcia’s first fight at 147 lbs as he seeks to make a stake at welterweight, proclaiming he’ll win a world title at 147.

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The unbeaten Garcia is forever fortifying himself as one of the best world champions today, with a bow 30 win undefeated record with 17 stoppages. He has however come under harsh scrutiny in his last three fights. The Boxing community feel he was awarded to gifted decision victories against Mauricio Herrera in March 2014 and Lamont Peterson in April 2015 after two uninspiring performances. Between the two, Garcia knocked out an overmatched and severely underweight Rod Salka in two rounds in August 2014.

Garcia has earned his nickname ‘Swift’ for his quick hands, feet and head movement. He’s quite hard to hit firmly, and it’s hard to evade his flurry of punches. He’s very calculated and he will generally let go of his punches when he sees and gap, fishing for his opposition to swing for him, only to land back on them stylishly. He’s a great counter puncher. His timing is also fantastic. His fight ending punch is his left hook which is one of the most devastating finishing punches in Boxing. Garcia seems overwhelmed when forced into a bit of a nasty brawl. Herrera and Peterson got their rounds on the inside by forcing a fight which Garcia didn’t like because he couldn’t stylishly get away from the shots and do some counter punching. It was also seen against Khan before he knocked him out.

Pauline Malignaggi is one of the guys in Boxing you just can’t help but to love. The ‘Magic Man’ has carved a career in the future on the commentary booth of Showtime cards and has really impressed the world with his ability to to dissect a fight and make casual Boxing fans truly understand the sweet science. That being said, he’s giving another shot at competing tonight and is still in the hunt for a second world championship at 147. He’s not had much luck in his last three fights following a split decision loss to Adrien Broner in June 2013 which many thought he won. He then won the ‘War of Brooklyn’ when he boxed to a stylish decision victory against Zab Judah in December 2013. He most recently got slayed by Shawn Porter, getting stopped in the fourth round in April 2014. His record stands at 33 wins with 7 stoppages and 6 losses.


If you’ve watched a card with Malignaggi commentating, you’ll know his Boxing intelligence is some of the best in the world, and he truly loves the sport. He’s an up-tempo fight who will frustrate opponents with slick movement and efficient use of his long jab. He a very skilled pure Boxer. Malignaggi lacks power which has been a downfall for him in the past because it sometimes means he won’t win rounds because he hasn’t imposed his will on his opponents to respect his shots, meaning they look more confident to judges, part of the reason Broner got more rounds than he should have. While he’s also tough, he has a tendency to fall to a big punch, which makes Garcia’s left hook more problematic.

This fight is exceptionally hard to call. Malignaggi looked like he took an incredible decline against Porter and his career was winding out. Garcia has just looked underwhelming in all of his last three fights but still the undefeated fighter we all know. Malignaggi has one of the most pinpoint effective and efficient jabs in the game which I think he will utilise well on the offence all fight long, and he will win rounds because of it. That being said, Garcia’s athleticism and jack of all trades talent will definitely ensure him the win, however it’s hard to call what method he’ll win by. I’m swinging more towards a late round stoppage simply because Garcia knows he has a lot to prove based on his previous three performance, however it’s entirely dependent on how he comes out and what mentality he has, because he definitely has the tools to finish a Malignaggi who is nearing the end of his career. Danny Garcia by a late stoppage, but don’t be shocked if he settles for a decision.

Dan Glozier.

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