Saturday Night Fight Night – Chris Eubank Jr vs Dmitry Chudinov

Saturday Night Fight Night – Chris Eubank Jr vs Dmitry Chudinov

Chris Eubank Jr Fight Preview

The O2 Arena is the destination tonight as we are faced with another week of British Boxing. Plenty of talent is on show, including Frank Buglioni, Bradley Skeete, Liam Walsh, Chris Eubank Jr. fight again for a World championship, and the headliner of Tyson Fury taking on Christian Hammer. It’s shaping up to be a solid all-British card, however I don’t like betting on British cards, so I have a single tip for it.

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The only World championship fight on tonight’s card features the current champion, the tough Russian Dmitry Chudinov, defending his belt on away turf as he seeks to derail the hype train of the ever-controversial and always talked about Chris Eubank Jr. This looks like an interesting contest, especially as it seems closer than what the paper suggests. It’s hard to say Dmitry Chudinov isn’t a deserving World champion with 14 wins and 0 losses on his record. That being said, he’s had a somewhat easy path to the belt, and in a weight class which is dominated by Gennady Golovkin and Miguel Cotto, it’s hard to see Chudinov making an impact. Chudinov’s development in the pro-game hasn’t been bad at all though. He started taking on journeymen types since his first fight in 2013 which has seen Chudinov fight eight times since then. He notched victories over Milton Nunez, Grady Brewer, Jorge Navarro, Max Maxwell, Juan Novoa, and then he beat Patrick Nielsen to win the interim WBA World middleweight belt, and defended it last August against Mehdi Bouadala with a convincing third round stoppage. Again, no massive names on his record, but a good path of development. Staying active with eight fights over a two year period will always help, but he hasn’t fought now for nearly 7 months, so it’s vital he’s in ring shape for tonight’s tilt.

Chudinov is a typical thick-skinned and incredibly durable eastern European Boxer. He can take a shot and it will relatively leave him unphased, but he also has the benefit of fighting with a tight and solid defence. It’s hard to break down Chudinov’s walls because of this. He’s also quite happy to come forward and get in his opponent’s face to disrupt their offence. The problem is that Chudinov is very slow, and his punching is very wide and deliberate. He’s very rough around the edges when striking. There’s also questions about his chin once his guard has been broken through, which was seen when he hit the canvas in his third pro fight. Eubank Jr has the obvious and VERY wide advantage with speed, so Chudinov needs to shut down the speed by doing what he usually does, and stay on the front foot, keep Eubank Jr backed against the ropes, and strike out of the guard with snappy snipes, catching Eubank Jr by surprise. It will be incredibly hard to get a decision win if it goes to the cards tonight being that he’s taking on an English fighter in London, so Chudinov just needs to be the better Boxer and to set the world alight with style, or even stop Eubank Jr, which is very possible from a sparked up Boxer like Chudinov.

Treble The Odds

It seems as though Eubank Jr is really trying to mould his career exactly like his father, or his father is trying to mould his son’s career like his, who knows. Eubank Sr has really tried to put Junior through his paces leading up to this fight, like he does with all of his fights. This includes training camps in Vegas with Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team. He wants to be the best and to do that, he needs to train at the hardest places. His path to the World Championship has been quite an odd one to say the least. After steamrolling through profusely overmatched British and foreign domestic opposition who really stood no chance in hell, Eubank Jr earned a shot at Billy Joe Saunders and his three middleweight belts. Eubank had a lot of backers in his corner from casual Boxing followers, primarily because they knew his name but not Saunders, however I picked a more seasoned Saunders to win by decision and ultimately that was what came of it at the end of the night in Eubank’s only big fight to date. My fear was that Eubank not only had been tested enough, but Saunders was simply superior to him in terms of Boxing skill. It’s undeniable Eubank held his own though, especially in the latter half of the fight where he was certainly pushing the barrier on the judges scorecards.

His talent is unquestioned and it’s obvious to see why people are excited about him. If you’ve seen any of Eubank’s fights before, you will know his clear advantage is his hand speed. He can fire off jabs and power punches with a lot of leverage behind them, and that has been the cause of his victories, and the problems he caused Billy Joe. He’s also quite big for a middleweight which will help him with a big height and reach advantage of Chudinov who will likely try and fight on the inside to disable Eubank’s speed. The thing that bothers me about Eubank is he doesn’t use his speed to his advantage in terms of movement around the ring. It’s all in his hands and he’s terribly stiff when standing toe-to-toe. When faced with his first big fight, he was faced with the problem of someone who knew what they were doing and this likely just made him so stiff. That needs to change against Chudinov, and his feet and hips need to constantly be pivoting. His general Boxing skill is also quite bog-standard, but that will likely get better as his career moves on.

To beat Chudinov, he needs to boss Chudinov on to the back foot and prevent Chudinov getting in his face. Win the fight with your speed because as the saying goes, speed kills, and that’s especially true in Boxing. This is quite a competitive and even tilt. What doesn’t make it even is the fact it’s taking place in Eubank’s back yard and it’s very seldom that British fighters lose if the fight goes to the cards in Britain. Chudinov is capable of scoring a knockdown, and even getting the victory on the cards, but that being said, I don’t think Eubank will need the judges help if it goes to the cards tonight as he does enough on his own. I think the size and speed advantage will overrule mostly everything that Chudinov will throw at Eubank Jr, and all Chris needs to do is break down the guard of Chudinov, and it should be a round-by-round field day as long as he doesn’t get complacent from then on in. If you choose to enjoy this, or Carl Frampton on ITV, make sure you tune in as it will be quite an entertaining night of Boxing.

Best of luck with your bets! DG.


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