SuperBowl XLIX Preview Part II

SuperBowl XLIX Preview Part II

As I previously mentioned, this is one of the hardest Super Bowls to call for a while, and it will be a real give and take game which will see both teams landing blows one after the other. That being said, in games when it’s hard to predict, the best rule to live by is, as the old saying goes, defence wins games. This Seattle defence has established themselves as the best in the league, if not one of the best ever, drawing comparisons to the 2000 Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers ‘Steel Curtain’. That is a very broad comparative. Tom Brady is one of four elite QBs, but this defence has just come accustomed to shutting down elite QBs. They did it to Drew Brees twice last season, they did it to Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl and earlier this season, they did it to Aaron Rodgers twice, and they did it to Brady two seasons back. If you can shut down an elite QB, you will usually win the game.

The Legion of Boom will have success as Brady won’t take risks against them, knowing his receivers will find it hard to match up against Sherman and Maxwell. His favourite receiver Rob Gronkowski will likely be double-teamed by the best safety combo in the league, and the aggressive front seven will have a field day breaking down LeGarrette Blount. The Pats have been derailed in their last two Super Bowls and previous season playoff exits by an elite rusher. They didn’t get that from the Colts or Ravens, however from the Seahawks they’re pitted against the best rusher in the league. As long as Lynch is given the opportunity to run aggressively with the ball, he will score touchdowns. I think with the Pats marred in controversy in regards to this ‘deflategate’ scandal, and by generally being the lesser all-round skilled team, I think the Seahawks will become the first back-to-back World Champions since the Patriots won just over ten years ago.

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This will be a fantastic game, this is personally the Super Bowl I’m most excitedly anticipating since my own team the New Orleans Saints competed in Super Bowl 44 in the 2009 season. It will be a close battle till the very end and I’m certain it will be one of those games where if you blink for one second, you’ll miss a play you just wish you hadn’t of missed. Make sure you tune in as it will be a Super Bowl to remember no matter the outcome. These two great football teams will put on a show. Best of luck with your bets!


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