Superbowl Sunday Preview

Superbowl Sunday Preview

Superbowl Sunday Preview.

The big game is finally here. The grand finale of the NFL season. The time to crown the best club in the world of American Football. It’s Super Bowl Sunday! This year, the game takes place in Phoenix, Arizona. The NFC representatives will be the defending champions, the Seattle Seahawks, the #1 seed in the NFC. They will be mixing it up with the #1 seed in the AFC, the New England Patriots. This game appears to be one of the most closely matched Super Bowl finals in recent history, and that is reflected in the odds as the Seahawks were the early -1 betting favourites, but most bookies now have the game deadlocked. I want to take a look at what both teams will be offering to the game.

New England Patriots

This is a big game for the New England team whom after a jumpy start, did what they’re known to do and absolutely dominate the AFC. This game marks the sixth appearance from Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick in their era, which is a remarkable feat, and it also sets the record for appearances of a starting QB in a Super Bowl. This speaks volumes about just how smart this football team is. Despite the Seahawks being the most recently crowned champions, the Patriots boast 17 players with multiple Super Bowl games under their belt. The Pats proved in regular season that their offence is one of the most technically imposing and dangerous offences in the league as they offer many looks. This was evident the other week when Tom Brady offloaded the ball to WR Julian Edelman who then threw a touchdown pass to Danny Amendola who had nothing but green green grass in front of him.

The rejuvenation of LeGarrette Blount has also shown how the Pats can mold anyone to their offence. They drew an incredibly hard match-up against Seattle’s defence who were the best in the league this season. The way to beat this defence is to essentially keep them guessing and forcing them to make mistakes by mixing up the play-calling, but a general rule is to avoid taking risks by throwing at the Legion of Boom. The defence needs to have the front seven putting on some heavy pressure on the Seahawks O-Line in order to make Russell Wilson throw up ducks and give their secondary full of great football players like Devin McCourty, a previous Legion of Boom player last season in Brandon Browner, and probably the best CB in the league Darrelle Revis, a chance to pick Wilson off. This was an evident problem of the Seahawks last week who hadn’t put any points up at half time, because Wilson had turned the ball over four times. Playing these heavy blitz packages will also be the key to shutting down Marshawn Lynch who looks to be the lead man for this Seahawks offence.

 Seattle Seahawks

It’s rare to see a team come back a season after winning the Super Bowl, and simply dominate their way back to the mecca of North American sports like the Seattle Seahawks did this year. Concerns were raised when they didn’t get off the mark too quickly in a tough division which saw the Arizona Cardinals speed to the best record in the league. The Seahawks were helped massively by injuries to all of the Cardinals’ key skill players such as QB Carson Palmer and RB Andre Ellington. But needless to say, when it mattered most, this team excelled on both sides of the ball. Wilson looked like a QB with years and years worth of pedigree, Marshawn Lynch proved he was the best bell-cow rusher in all of Football, and this defence… well they showed just why they’re one of the most dominating defences in NFL history. This rang true in their regular season yardage numbers, allowing 4274 yards this season, the second place team allowed a massive 600 yards more.

Seattle’s passing game isn’t their strongest, evident as they shy away from playing a west coast type of offence. This also highlighted by Wilson’s four interceptions a few weeks ago against the Packers secondary, however they can make big plays when it matters most, as you saw when Jermaine Kearse hauled in a long toss by Wilson in overtime to win the game. Their offence is based on feeding the ball to Marshawn Lynch and letting him do his thing. He has established himself as the best rusher in the league and he exemplifies all the qualities needed to be a great football rusher. The Seahawks will need to feed the ball to Marshawn effectively but also mix up the passing a little. The Seahawks O-Line will need to be top draw as the Pats will be bringing heavy pressure, but Wilson needs the time to float passes over the middle, and give gaps for Lynch and Wilson to run down. The defence simply need to be the force they’ve been all season, and to shut down all of the Pats skills players. The only elite skill player that Brady has to give the ball to is Rob Gronkowski who they should line up safeties Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas III on. The best safety pairing in the NFL. Both Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell draw fairly easy shut-down match-ups on their respective sides of the field.

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