Patriots Stop Colts from Heading to the Superbowl

Patriots Stop Colts from Heading to the Superbowl

Brady and Belichick do it again.

Brady and Belichick were both breaking records last night, in addition to emphatically dispatching the Indianapolis Colts who did very little to show why they should have been going to the Superbowl. It was the second time this season that the Patriots made light work of the Colts, leaving many to hope that the Superbowl is a little bit more competitive. Brady is now on the way to his sixth Superbowl appearance and Belichick now has 21 post season wins, surpassing the record held by coach Tom Landry. When these guy both hang up their respective titles, they will easily be the most successful QB/Coach combo in NFL franchise history.

Start as you mean to go on

Alike their counterparts in Seattle, the Colts started extremely poorly, but unlike Seattle, the gap they had to close by the fourth quarter was insurmountable.

QB Andrew Luck missed on his first two pass attempts to open receivers. When Luck started finding his receivers they were dropping the ball, literally. They tried running the ball and got some success, with Dan Herron getting them within field goal position. However, kicker Adam Vinatieri missed the field-goal and things went from bad to worse. The Patriot’s got on the scoresheet when LeGarrette Blount ran the ball over the line. It wouldn’t be long until they got their second touchdown. Blount and Develin were working in tandem to block/receive for each other and Blount’s well timed block freed up Develin and Brady’s precise pass found him on the cusp of the end zone and he held on to the ball as was seized upon by three Colts players to get Brady’s first passing TD of the night.

The Colts ended up being shutout in the first quarter and Luck, wasn’t get any luck, or more importantly, time to pick his passes. The second quarter was fairly ropey from the Patriot’s perspective. They gave away three penalties and Brady also threw an interception. The Colts drove down the pitch from the interception and got their only TD of the game, which they converted with a kick. The Patriots were limited to a field goal which brought the half-time score to 17-7.

No half measures

Half time was now gone and the Colts were only 10 points away from drawing level. That dream was effectively killed off in one quarter, one that emphatically displayed why Brady and the Patriots looked like a team that had walked the walk on the big occasions. An early TD for the Patriots set the scene for what was to come and when Luck threw an interception which Darrelle Revis caught, the Colts’s open wounds were pouring with blood. Blount ran for a 13 yard TD on the subsequent play and at the end of the 3rd quarter the game was effectively over at 38-7. Brady was substituted with 3 minutes of the game remaining to rapturous applause from his fans.

It will now come down to the big game in Arizona to decide the champions of the NFL Super Bowl XLIX. Keep your eye out for our big pre-game special.



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