Two Heavyweights and a Big Green Belt

Deontay Wilder vs Bermane Stiverne. 

It’s Saturday night fight night again

It’s been what seems like an age since we last had some Boxing to get excited about. In fact, I make it December 13th when Amir Khan showed his improvements in a one-sided decision versus an always challenging Devon Alexander. But the 2014 Boxing season is long gone, and despite it taking almost three weeks (yes, THREE weeks!) for the 2015 Boxing season to get underway, it starts with a big fight feel about it.

Who is on the card

This Saturday night, the world watches the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, where we’ve got a good ol’ fashioned Heavyweight world championship bout taking place. Whilst the undercard isn’t that enticing, the clash of styles in this main event which sees the winner taking the coveted WBC ‘Big Green Belt’ has taken a lot of fight fans at the scruff of the neck. The challenger, one of the hottest prospects and one of the most talked about men in Boxing today, Deontay Wilder, takes the step up to the big stage, seeking to dethrone the current champion, Bermane Stiverne, in a proving grounds type of fight. The support is Leo Santa Cruz vs Jesus Ruiz, and Amir Imam vs Fidel Maldonado Jr.

Stiverne vs Wilder’s pedigree

Bermane Stiverne might be one of the most wildly underrated Boxers on the planet today. His climb to the WBC strap has been based on a hard work ethic, and it paid off. His last pair of fights were against the same opposition in another tough test in Chris Arreola. Arreola boasted a rather glamorous 34-3 record and resume before the first fight with Stiverne, going to war with some of the best Heavyweights this decade, Tomasz Adamek, Vitali Klitschko, and Brian Minto. The first fight was a rare Heavyweight bout that you didn’t want to miss, but was largely dominated by Stiverne in a one-sided decision, which saw Arreola hit the canvas in the third. The return bout was a lot different. Stiverne was feeling mean on that night, stopping Arreola in round six after putting him down twice in that round. This showed just how much Stiverne has come on in his career.

Wilder has been touted as one of the biggest exciting Heavyweight prospects for what seems like quite a long time now, and at the age of 29, with 32 fights notched on his resume, all won by way of stoppage, I can understand why it seems so long. As you can see by his record, there’s no mistaking just why this man might be avoided. His power is undoubtedly the main component of his game. He has shown the fortitude of a Heavyweight to snipe the jab and follow up with a powerful straight, or a body shot, and then that’s the end of his opponent’s night. That being said, those 32 fights have so far not be so progressive to a bout for a World Championship. His toughest opponent, arguably Jason Gavern, who he stopped in his last fight, is leagues below Bermane Stiverne who has proven himself at the top level

Stiverne needs a strategy to stop the jab

Stiverne’s danger tonight is getting caught in a long range jab sniping game with Wilder. Wilder will be at his best at range, especially with a three inch reach advantage. Stiverne’s key to victory is doing exactly what he’s good at. Force the fight on the inside, don’t give room for Wilder to snipe the jab and straight, and keep Wilder on the back foot at all times.

Where Wilder will win the fight

Wilder’s Boxing skill is raw, meaning he needs to make full use of his extreme power tonight against a proven Boxer like Stiverne. As previously mentioned, the jab needs to be sniped, and the follow up combination needs to be quick and hostile. He needs to move and keep Stiverne chasing. If he doesn’t move, which he’s had a tendency to show in previous fights, Stiverne will easily maneuver on the inside and put Wilder’s hype train to rest.

How will it end?

You couldn’t put on a more toss-up fight to start the 2015 season more so than this one, but I have a feeling that Stiverne’s pedigree and experience in the ‘big fight’ serves him well tonight. Wilder won’t be prepared for such a MASSIVE step up in opposition. Stiverne has the corner, and the experience to know how to win, and that will put pressure on Wilder. I think Wilder might come out well from the blocks, but Stiverne will get in his face and disable his jab, getting on the inside to get a stoppage victory in the mid-late rounds. Don’t sleep on Bermane Stiverne. He’s proved time and time again that his power is devastating, and that makes him dangerous seeing as he can also box.

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Enjoy the first weekend of Boxing, and best of luck in your bets!



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