Who deserves the fight on Cinco de Mayweather?

Who deserves the fight on Cinco de Mayweather?

The night of Saturday 14th December saw a host of fantastic bouts, mostly coming out of Las Vegas. This included the resurgence of Abner Mares, the Charlo twins solidifying their worth, and perhaps the unluckiest man in Boxing, Mauricio Hererra, losing another world title bout by decision. That being said, this weekend also had more interesting implications. It played a part in the ‘Mayweather Sweepstakes’. There was a few fights this weekend which gave us  an indication as to who might be the lucky ticket holder of the Mayweather lotto. I want to take a look at Mayweather’s next possible opponents come May 2nd 2015, aptly named ‘Cinco de Mayweather’ by Floyd himself.

Amir Khan

Amir Khan took on Devon Alexander in a twelve round contest last night, many of whom thought that the winner would definitely stake their claim as the man who deserves to go on and give Mayweather a challenge. I think few thought that Khan would dominate the way he did. Since joining new trainer, Virgil Hunter, he is 4-0, and since moving up to Welterweight, he is 3-0. It looks as if 147 is a good weight for Khan, as his speed at this weight is giving most opponent’s problems. Alexander’s team has been good in the past for devising game plans, which we saw against Maidana and Matthyse, but they had no answer for Khan who looked fantastic coming forward, and his combo punching caused problems for Alexander. Khan has been touted especially for a Mayweather opponent because many feel his style will give Mayweather more troubles than he can deal with, and I’d have to agree. My question is whether he’s earned it yet. He certainly looks imposing.

Amir Khan v Devon Alexander

Keith Thurman

The WBA World Interim Welterweight champion, Keith Thurman, one of only four champions among the Welterweights, also fought last night. He defended his strap against the unbeaten Italian, 40 year old Leonard Bundu. Many saw Bundu as a step up for Thurman, although Bundu’s resume doesn’t speak volumes. Many expected Thurman, known as a knock-out artist, to get another KO. That didn’t happen, although he didn’t lose any rounds. The ‘Boogeyman’ of the Welterweight division has been vocal about his willingness to contest Mayweather in a unification bout. It would be a good fight, especially to see how Thurman adjusts his game to suit against his hardest competition yet, but also to see what Mayweather does against a legitimate KO artist. That being said, it depends how much he deserves it after going twelve with Bundu.

Kell Brook

The second Brit on this list sees the unlikely IBF belt holder, Kell Brook, stake his claim. He didn’t compete last night, still recovering after getting stabbed in the leg after beating Shawn Porter back in the summer. Much has been made of a Khan – Brook fight in what is sure to be a sell-out fight in the UK, but being undefeated, AND a world champ, many think Brook has more of a claim to take on Mayweather than what Khan has. He solved Shawn Porter and looked very good doing it, so who’s to say he couldn’t figure out Mayweather? It’d be an interesting unification bout.

Manny Pacquiao

You didn’t think you’d read this list without seeing Pac Man’s name, did you?! This is the obvious choice, and the choice that the public want, and that has been voices both in public, and in social media. It appears both sides want the fight, especially after Mayweather’s interview on December 12th. It’s a hard to manifest, however, because still, to me, the contract negotiations look dead in the water. Mayweather’s team still hold a grudge with Bob Arum, and unless both sides can entertain the fact that Mayweather IS the A-side of this bargain and HE deserves to call the shots in purse splits, then I don’t see this fight ever happening. It’s hard to give Pacquiao the credit to call how much purse he wants, seeing as a loss to Bradley and Marquez hurt his credibility. Mayweather is still the undefeated fighter and top of the P4P rankings, he deserves to call the shots, and Pac Man and Arum need to realise this.


Other Possibilities: Timothy Bradley, Danny Garcia.

Ideal Scenario

I’m still in the belief that Khan still hasn’t quite earned a title shot at Mayweather at 147 after only cutting his teeth in the division for three fights. The only fight which perhaps earned him recognition is the Alexander fight. A more realistic scenario would see a title shot versus Brook or Thurman first. That being said, as the saying goes, styles make fights, and Khan’s style is perhaps the most challenging for Mayweather right now. For that, I’d like to see Khan take on Mayweather on May 2nd, which is the final fight on Mayweather’s Showtime contract. That means after that, Mayweather’s negotiations with Pacquiao might be more open, leading to a grand finale in September 2015 of Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

Written by Daniel Glozier

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