Goals Markets Football Bets

Goals Markets Football Bets

The goals market is quite simple, you are either betting over or under a set amount of goals or a ‘goal-line’.

How we will tip our bets. Pregame – Over 2GL (Over 2 Goal-line) or Pregame – Under 2.5 (Under 2.5 goals)

 In-play- Over 0.5 FHG (Over 0.5 First Half Goals) or In-play – Under 3GL (Under 3 Goal-line)

A  Full goal-line, is similar to a full line asian handicap – in the fact your bet can be refunded. If you bet over 2.0 goal-line and the score ends 2-0, your bet would be refunded. Only one goal scored, your bet loses. Three goals scored, your bet would have won. Goal-line doesn’t reflect goals for either team, it is the total goals in the game.

Half Goal-lines

Probably one of the most common markets available. You will often see Over 2.5 goals or Under 2.5 goals. These markets are often betted on as statistics can show teams that have high/low scoring games. The other advantage to these markets, and sometimes disadvantage is that the value of these lines will change in play. For example, if the scores are 0-0 at 60 minutes, the odds you would have got for Over 2.5 goals will be far higher than what they were at pre-game.

First-half Goals

These will be tipped as FHG. We will often wait for certain odds, especially for 0.5 FHG. These could be pre-game or in-play, but more likely the latter. Likewise if a goal has been scored early on, this FHG line could change to 1.5.

First Half Full Goal-lines

Exactly the same as Goal-lines (see above) but only apply to goals in the first half not the full 90 minutes.

Both Teams to Score

A simple market, if you bet on both teams score and they do, your bet wins. If they don’t, you don’t. These markets can also be offered in-play, or based upon the first half or second half.

When we tip Both teams to score it will be abbreviated to BTTS. This could also be shown as BTTS 1st half or BTTS 2nd half, if we were betting on both teams to score in a specific half. Likewise, we may also tip BTTS in-play. If one team has scored, but are looking like they might concede we may tip ‘IN-PLAY BTTS‘, other bets such as ‘no clean’ sheet also replicate this sometimes.

Clean Sheet Yes/NO

This is a goals bet as you are predicting a team not to concede or to concede. We would tip this as Clean Sheet Yes or Clean Sheet No. E.g Bolton Clean Sheet No

Team Goals

Much like betting over or under match/game goals, for this you are just picking a specific team to score or not score a set amount of goals. We would tip this with the value and the team. E.g PRE-GAME Man UTD Over 1.5 Goals , or INPLAY MAN CITY Under 2.5 Goals. 

First Goalscorer

Something we are unlikely to tip. Says it all you ar betting one the first goal scorer of the game. We would tip this FGS.

A couple good points here from OLGB

  1. Own Goals – you need to check the policy of each bookie on this. Usually they are ignored so the next normal goal counts as the first goal scorer, and if there are no other goals, then bets on “no goal scorer win”. This is one reason why its often better to bet on “no goal scorer” than on “0-0″ as the odds are regularly the same yet, the first still wins if there’s an own goal.
  2. Substitutes – if you back Welbeck to score first for Man Utd but he stays on the subs bench, or comes on after the first goal do you get your money back – usually yes – but check with your bookie.



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