Corners and Card Bets

Corners Markets

Total Asian Corners Half/Full

You bet on the combined total of the teams corners. For Half, there is no refund here. Simply over X.5 corners, under X.5 corners. For Full corners you can also get a refund, i.e you bet over 11 but get a refund if 11 corners is reached.

First Half Corners

This is the same bet as a Total Corners bet, but settled at Half Time (with the lower total of 5 Corners being the marker). Bet Guide

Corner Handicap 

Just like an asian handicap. Your team starts of with an advantage or deficit. If your team is -2 corners, they need 3 more than their opponent to win, 2 more for your bet to be refunded and anything less is a loss.

Total Corners

You bet over, exactly, or under a total number of corners. Meaning you can only win or lose, as the ‘exactly’ option isn’t a refund bet like total asian corners.

Race to X Corners

Pretty simple bet really. You will be given the choice of the home team or away team to reach a set number of corners, or for neither team to reach this tally. E.g Everton RT 5 Corners.

Card Markets

Total Number of Cards

Here you bet on the total number of cards given out in a game between the teams. It will always be an Over or Under market that typically varies from 2.5 to 4.5. A yellow card equals one card, two yellows which become a red card counts for three and a straight red is two cards.

Card Before Said Minutes

This bet is often offered for around the 30 minute mark. E.g No Card before 32 minutes, or Card before 32 minutes. If you betted card before 32 minutes you would need the ref to dish out a minimum of one card before 32 minutes in.

Asian Total Cards 

Asian total cards is just basically is the same as total cards although you may have the option to get your stake refunded if you bet on a whole line. For example over 4 asian cards would be a refund if 4 cards were dished out, but 5 would be a win and 3 or less would be a loss.

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