San Francisco Giants Crowned MLB World Series Champions

MLB World Series.

In a thrilling final game of the MLB World Series, San Francisco Giants came out 3-2 winners and 4-3 for the series. Kansas City demolished the Giants 10-0 in the previous game and Kansas City’s pitcher, Yordano Ventura, produced a near flawless performance in which he surrendered only 3 hits in 7 shutout innings. However, on this occasion it would be the opposition pitcher who was noted for his heroics.

Madison Marvels

Madison Bumgarner was absolutely electric in this final game and proved once again why having a top pitcher in your ranks makes a big difference. Having thrown for a complete game only a few days go, it was unprecedented that he would throw even 2 or 3 innings, but he threw for an amazing five, and in no ordinary fashion either. Over their four wins, the Giants needed 108 outs. Bumgarner recorded 63 of them. Nobody seems more indebted to Bumgarner than his teammates. Whilst Matt Cain was spraying champagne over his teammates in celebration, he pointed to Bumgarner and in the frankest manner possible stated: “Without him, we wouldn’t be doing this.”

Cruel Circumstances for Kansas City

Kansas City were the comeback kings this post season. They dodged elimination in the 9th and 12th innings of the Wild Card Game and even won their three post season games in extra innings. They posted an 11-4 post season record, equivalent to a staggering 0.733 winning percentage, and still didn’t win the World Series. They became the first team to ever record such a feat and still fail to win the World Series. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom for the Royals. They have a talented team, including youngsters that are brimming with potential and clearly enough mental strength to overcome adversity. There’s no reason why Kansas City Royals can’t make it back for another MLB World Series soon. Even in this final game, they were only 90 yards short of winning the game and if Madison Bumgarner hadn’t played so solidly for a whole five innings, the story could have been a total fairytale.

Bumgarner Saves Blanco’s Bacon

Bumgarner’s heroics can be summed up in his final pitch of the game. Blanco had just made a total gaffe in centre field and brought the game back into contention for the Kansas City Royals. A bad pitch or an easy hit would have won Royals the game. Bumgarner had already thrown 61 pitches that game, in addition to a full game only days earlier. Bumgarner stepped up to the plate and delivered the final pitch of the game. It popped up off Perez’s bat and landed in Sandoval’s glove. Blanco exhaled with relief, the crowd went nuts and the rest is history.

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